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14 Years Of Electronic Challenge

Volume II

2000 Hands

Labelsampler Ant-Zen

2/3 Sampler

mit Deutsch Nepal, Winterkälte

Advanced Electronics

Volume III

Another World

Electronic Body Music


Labelsampler Ant-Zen

Apocalypse Now

Volume I
Volume II

Awake The Machines

World Of Electro Volume III
World Of Electro Volume IV

Best Of EBM & Electro

Volume I

Best Of Zoth Ommog

Volume I

Body Frequencies

mit Dive, Esplendor Geometrico

Body Rapture

mit Dive, Esplendor Geometrico

Body Rapture

Labelsampler ZOTH OMMOG Volume VII

Club Bizarre

Volume I

Covered In Black

Volume I

Cryogenic Studio

Bill Leeb Projekte

DeeJay Tribe

The Alternative Club Guide Part 1
The Alternative Club Guide Part 2


Labelsampler DOSSIER Records Volume I
Labelsampler DOSSIER Records Volume II


The Club Hit Collection
The Club Hit Collection - Phase II

EBM Club Classics

Vollume I
Volume II
Volume III


Volume X


Funker Vogt, Front 242

Electro Industrial Assassins

Digital Factor, Luc Van Acker

Exclusive Alternatives

New Order, Meat Beat Manifesto

FFM Dance Trax


Funky Alternatives

The Best Of Volume One To Eight

Gothic Club Classics

Volume I

Guitar Club Classics

REM, Bauhaus, Joy Division

How To Use Machinery

Labelsampler MACHINERY Records Vol.II
Labelsampler MACHINERY Records Vol.III


Labelsampler HYPNOBEAT Volume I
Labelsampler HYPNOBEAT Volume II

Industrial Confusion

Klinik, Leather Strip, Psychopomps

Industrial Frequencies

Volume I
Volume II
Volume III
Volume IV

Industrial Madness

Disc One
Disc Two
Disc Three
Bonus Disc (Stiff Miners - Giselle)

Industrial Mix Machine

Leather Strip, Haujobb, Pigface

Industrial Revolution

Second Edition
Third Edition

Industrial Strength Machine Music

Skinny Puppy, Clock DVA, Ministry

Industrial X-perience

X Marks The Pedwalk, Trylock


From Trip Hop To Big Beat

Innovation One

Wumpscut, PAL, Magenta

Kult Classix

Skinny Puppy, Bauhaus

Land Of Technology

Skinny Puppy, FLA, NIC

Machine Soul

An Odyssey Into Electronic Dance Music


Die Krupps, Psychopomps


Volume I
Volume II
Volume II
Volume IV

New Industries

Swamp Terrorists, TAM, Cubanate

New Life

13 Years Of Electronic Lust

Not Made By Industry

Volume I
Volume II

Off Beat Classix

Labelsampler OFF BEAT

Paradigm Shift

Labelsampler SUBC0NSCIOUS Communications

Remix War Strike

Volume II - Die Krupps vs. Frontline Assembly

Sounds From The Matrix

Alfa Matrix Label Compilation


Lost Highway
Pulp Fiction
Blair Witch II
Austin Powers II
Tomb Raider - incl. Nine Inch Nails - Deep


Hypnoskull, Winterkälte, PAL

Terminal Power

Vigorous Noise Compilation (unreleased)


Industrial Metal Compilation

The Flatline Compilation

Volume I
Volume II

This Is....Techno Body Music

Volume I in limitierter CD Boxhülle

Tyranny Of The Beat

Labelsampler OFF BEAT - Vol.IV

We Came To Dance

Volume X
Volume XI
Edition 2000

Wellenreiter In Schwarz

Volume I

Wild Planet

Labelsampler SUBCONSCIOUS Communications


Compilation aus ZILLO 7/8 - 98
Compilation aus ZILLO 11-98
Compilation aus ZILLO 7/8-99